As a property owner or manager, you understand that a clean exterior is essential for first impressions. But Louisiana weather can be tough on your commercial building's exterior. That's where Pro Wash comes in.

We specialize in commercial concrete cleaning, including sidewalks, dumpster pad cleaning, parking lots, loading docks, drive-thru, factory & warehouse floors, and building entrances. Not only does a clean surface create a better appearance for customers and employees, but it also helps to prevent accidents.

We provide quality and convenient services that keep your property looking its best. Here’s what we can do for you.

Commercial Cleaning | Pro Wash Pressure Washing

"Curb Appeal" Really Does Begin at the Curb

A business's curb appeal does begin at the curb. The concrete around commercial buildings can take a beating. Car leaks, spills, skids, and waste can leave behind imperfections that are an eyesore and can even put businesses against regulation.

Fines and penalties could be costly, but Pro Wash's complete services will ensure that the concrete is compliant and has excellent curb appeal. Pro Wash has a team of highly trained experts in concrete cleaning. They use the latest technologies and equipment to clean the concrete and make it look new again.

The team is experienced at dealing with different stains and can provide a customized plan to meet the business's specific needs. The services offered by Pro Wash are comprehensive and include power washing and staining removal. We also offer preventative maintenance plans to keep the concrete looking its best.

Pro Wash's commercial concrete cleaning service is available to all businesses in Louisiana, and we offer a free estimate. Get in touch to learn more today! 

What Our Commercial Concrete Cleaning Services Cover

From sidewalk cleanings to parking lots, we make sure your commercial property is in top condition. 

Sidewalk Cleaning

The trees, plants, and lakes in Louisiana provide a beautiful backdrop for your commercial building, but they also deposit grime and dirt onto your sidewalks. Over time, this build-up can become a safety hazard for foot traffic and make your property look dirtier and less appealing.

Sidewalk cleaning should be done on time rather than as an afterthought. Keeping your sidewalks clean and free of debris is essential for the safety of your employees and customers.

The most common reports of people slipping and falling on sidewalks are because of oily and slippery surfaces, leading to liability lawsuits. However, these accidents can often be prevented by simply keeping the sidewalks clean.

Pressure washing is an excellent option for getting rid of this build-up and restoring your property's safety and curb appeal.

Concrete Cleaning | Pro Wash Pressure Washing
Concrete Cleaning | Pro Wash Pressure Washing

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

A clean and well-maintained dumpster area looks better and helps keep away disease-carrying pests and insects. It also eliminates foul odors from bacterial growth or grease spills.

We at Pro Wash understand the importance of a clean and sanitary dumpster area. That's why we offer our dumpster pad cleaning services to commercial buildings in Louisiana. We will clean up any large debris that may have accumulated.

We will then soak the entire area with our proprietary cleaners. Once everything is appropriately absorbed, we will pressure wash the area to remove any build-up.

This process is vital to keep your employees, guests, and customers safe from harmful bacteria or diseases. A clean dumpster area also helps to create a more positive image for your business.

So, if you're looking for a company that can provide you with a top-notch dumpster pad cleaning service, look no further than Pro Wash!

Washing With Low-Pressure Initial Set up

Soft washing is a different process than power washing, which uses high-pressure water to clean surfaces. Instead, soft washing uses a low-pressure stream of water mixed with cleaners and detergents to gently remove dirt, grime, and organic growth from your home's exterior.

Concrete Cleaning | Pro Wash Pressure Washing

Parking Lots

A first impression is a great way to set the stage for your business. Your parking lot is often the first and last thing customers see when they visit your commercial building. You want to make sure it is always clean and inviting.

Pressure washing your concrete parking lot is the best way to keep it looking its best. However, it is essential to have a tailored solution to address the specific stressors that affect your concrete parking lot — like grease, oil and stains from vehicles, wear-and-tear from traffic, etc.

At Pro Wash, we adapt our pressure washing services to address each customer's unique needs. For example, we use special cleaning agents to remove gum and tough stains and lift gunk build-up.

Our professional service restores the surface appeal of your concrete parking lot. Not only does pressure washing keep your parking lot looking its best, but it also helps you comply with safety regulations. Our team is experienced in safe pressure washing practices and only uses environmentally safe cleaning agents.

If you need a reliable partner to help maintain a clean and inviting commercial property, look no further than Pro Wash pressure washing services!

Avoid DIY: Call The Pros!

You may have seen a pressure washer on sale or for rent and thought, "I can do this. It will save me money if I clean my property myself." That is a bad idea. 

Unless you have experience using a pressure washer, this is a task best left in the hands of professionals. Inexperience can lead to personal injury or damage to your property. 

It’s advised to pressure wash your commercial building twice a year. Unless you have the tools, safety gear, and experience to use a pressure washer, it’s best to call in the pros. We’ll protect your commercial building from harm while restoring it to its former glory.

So, what are you waiting for? Save yourself the trouble and give our team of experts a call. 

Commercial Cleaning | Pro Wash Pressure Washing

Pro Wash - A Commitment To Quality

At Pro Wash, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality commercial concrete cleaning services available. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to clean commercial concrete surfaces — from sidewalk cleaning and dumpster pads to parking lots.

So, if you're looking for a reliable, professional, and affordable pressure washing company in Louisiana, look no further than Pro Wash. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.