Business owners know the importance of maintaining a clean, presentable image at all times. Allowing a commercial building's exterior to fall into disrepair is no way to promote any company. A building's appearance is part of its allure; it should draw customers in and project the mission and message of your brand.

Another critical component of a well-kept exterior is safety and security. By removing unsightly or potentially hazardous remnants, you reduce risks and promote healthy practices.

If your commercial building is overdue for a pressure wash, don't hesitate to reach out to Pro Wash for a free estimate. We'll get started on a customized plan to address every concern and restore the face of your company.

Avoid Pressure Washing Your Home: Soft Wash It Instead!

The difference between professional commercial pressure washing and standard power washing is an effective mix of cleaning solutions for the combined benefits of powerful cleaners and extreme force.

This combination of high-pressure water and a cleaner mix will remove residue and grime from your building and its surrounding areas while preserving its aesthetic appeal and avoiding damage. Compared to power washing, it's a safer, more practical, proven solution for business owners looking to keep their business front beautifully maintained.

Professional pressure washing is a valuable tool for owners of commercial buildings, and the service can make a massive difference to the overall performance of any business.

What We Remove

There are countless ways pollution can accumulate on the surface of a building. Our professional power washing service won't just remove the building's dust and dirt; we'll also clear stains from signage, awnings, sidewalks, and entryways.

We'll spray the wear and tear off the face of all neglected exterior surfaces. Give your commercial building the curb appeal and value boost it needs when we successfully remove all gum, grease, mold, algae, ugly marks, and graffiti. With the help of professional, experienced pressure washers, it's no problem.

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Why Choose Us?

Our pressure washing services are second to none. When you entrust the external surfaces of your business to the knowledgeable Pro Wash team, you know you're getting incomparable quality for an unbeatable price every single time.

The Pro Wash staff is fully insured and licensed, with nearly a decade of professional experience and a growing collection of glowing reviews from satisfied clients in the greater Northshore region.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee because we're 100% confident our stellar, reliable work is sure to wow you every time. We believe in fair prices, so our customers know they got a great deal on excellent cleaning services.

Don't hesitate to reach out for a prompt inspection and free quote today, and we'll have your commercial building shining like new in no time.

Types of Commercial Buildings We Clean

Pressure washing before

Pressure washing the exterior of a commercial building is no small task. Our qualified experts are ready to take on any commercial pressure washing job, big or small.

Some examples of commercial buildings we serve are:

  • Offices
  • Storefronts
  • Entries
  • Restaurants
  • Care facilities
  • Build sites
  • Hotels/motels
  • Arenas/stadiums

If one or more of these buildings are in need of unbeatable outer upkeep services, the Pro Wash team is waiting to perform a free estimate.

The Benefits of Pressure Washing

Contracting a professional for your commercial pressure washing needs is always the wisest route. Pressure washing offers cleaning power far superior to traditional power washing and is a fast, effective solution.

Keeping any building looking new, clean, and inviting, is essential to cultivating a welcoming atmosphere conducive to business. Especially in humid regions, it's easy for facilities to deteriorate rapidly without regular upkeep.

Preserving that facade with a pressure wash is an investment in appeal, dependability, and longevity. Certain types of waste that collect on buildings can be harmful, initially damaging the appearance and eventually threatening the air quality and overall structure.

Regular cleaning is the best way to prevent minor issues from growing into big problems. Reach out for a free quote to return your building's outer sparkle.

Commercial Washing | Pro Wash Pressure Washing

The Risks of Going It Alone

Attempting to pressure wash your commercial building yourself can lead to worse issues in the long run. This avenue is often ineffective, rendering the ordeal nothing more than a misguided exercise in frustration. Instead, allow our proven solutions, trained technicians, and cutting-edge equipment to save you time and trouble by getting the job done right the first time.

The appearance of your commercial building matters, but it's nowhere near as vital as your personal well-being. The primary risk involved with amateur pressure washing is compromised safety. Proper use of tools, distance, and pressure are all paramount to safe and successful results.

Tremendous pressure can result in bodily injury. Skin exposure, unprotected eyes or feet, accidental misdirection – the possible accidents are endless. Never take on such a potentially dangerous job when licensed, trained professionals are standing by to help.

Inexperienced or amateur pressure washing can also lead to unintentional exposure to hazardous materials. Avoid unknowingly kicking up mold or harmful chemicals into the air. Professionals know the best way to handle each specific mess for the safest, most optimal outcome.

Moreover, substantial property damage can occur when an untrained individual attempts to perform a commercial pressure wash. Damage is possible to all outer elements of a commercial building, so it's best to trust a trained professional to keep essential features preserved and unharmed.

Some examples of damage from an inexperienced pressure wash are:

  • Paint stripping
  • Shredding
  • Splintering wood
  • Loosened siding
  • Dents
  • Cracks
  • Missing chunks
  • Compromised window seals

Each mishap of an ill-advised amateur pressure wash can evolve into a much more serious concern, as the far reach of possible water damage alone is extensive, not to mention expensive.

In Conclusion

Time to restore your business to its former shine? Pro Wash is your go-to resource for maintaining the clean exteriors of your valued structures in the greater Northshore area.

We pride ourselves on making the process easy with open communication, flexibility, free estimates, and always fair prices on outstanding services.