No matter what a commercial building is used for, it needs routine exterior cleaning. Window cleaning is at the center of this – nowhere is grime more noticeable than on glass.

Office buildings should be places employees are proud to work at. Residential buildings should be cleaned regularly to help tenants enjoy living there. As for shops, restaurants, and hotels – need we say more? An unkempt exterior puts customers off. No more customers = no more business.

Pro Wash offers professional pressure-washing services for all types of commercial properties. If it's been a while since your building had its windows cleaned, we're ready to get started as soon as you call.

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We service all commercial buildings with high-quality pressure washing and soft washing. Our expert team has many years of experience restoring tenant buildings, offices, and storefronts to their former glory – and helping them stay there when you set up a regular care schedule.

Discover the most common building types we provide commercial window washing services for below. Don't see your property type listed? No problem. Simply give us a call, and we'll discuss your project's details in person!


Making it attractive for employees. When your employees arrive at work each day, they deserve to see a well-kept building. How can we expect extra care and attention from our staff if we won't provide them with a clean, attractive workplace? Furthermore, think of how your property looks to new hires. You can't expect to attract top talent if their first impression of your company is of windows streaked with bird droppings. Time to get it sorted.

Letting the light in. An office interior should enjoy as much natural light as possible. This provides a healthier, more welcoming space for your staff and can cut down on your energy bills because you don't need the lights on as often. Grime builds up on windows quickly and makes it harder for light to get in – you'll be amazed at the difference once you book commercial window washing for your office.


Your storefront window is how you tell potential customers:

  • Who you are
  • What you sell
  • What your most attractive items are
  • Whether or not you care how your business looks! Dirty windows make a terrible first impression.

For some stores, the need for commercial window washing is obvious. A jewelry store won't attract any clients if its glittering rings and watches are obscured by grimy windows. But what about a carpet warehouse or a DIY shop? Are looks still important?

The answer is yes – absolutely. Customers may not expect the same dazzling presentations inside, but if your windows are streaked with dirt and grease, nobody will even want to touch the front door. Dressing your shop up and keeping it clean and hygienic are different things – the latter is mandatory for every commercial store.

Pressure washing before

Restaurants, Bars, and Hotels

In hospitality, your windows are an invitation to a good time. Passers-by see happy diners, delicious meals, groups of people enjoying themselves – they want to be a part of it. Provided they can see clearly through your windows, of course.

Especially in urban areas, dust and exhaust fumes create an opaque layer on windows very quickly. Regular commercial window washing is essential to help your windows work as an advert for your business and not a big appetite killer.


Every showroom owner knows the importance of clean windows; the clue's in the name! If your windows aren't showing what lies behind them clearly, they're not doing their job.

Good news – we offer affordable and effective cleaning for showroom windows. We understand that sometimes this can be a big job; car showrooms are sometimes made of almost nothing but glass windows. We'll work with you to estimate how much work needs to be done and provide a quote that's within your budget. We can also set up an affordable routine care plan to keep your showroom sparkling.

Other Commercial Buildings

We work with all types of businesses. If your property has windows, they're there for a reason, and they need to be kept clean! Call us or fill out our form to let us know what you require, and we'll be in touch shortly with a tailored solution.

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The Pro Wash team is experienced, skilled, and kitted out with the best pressure washing and soft washing equipment in the industry. Here's why we're your commercial window washing experts with a difference.

Affordable Service

We strive to make our services affordable for every client. You shouldn't have to break the bank to keep your commercial property clean and attractive.

We're happy to set up regular care schedules for our customers so you can keep your property looking fantastic at all times. Get in touch, and let's talk!

No Job Too Large or Too Small

Whether you're a small business needing storefront cleaning or you operate a large office building, we aim to provide the finest service at the best price. We're always up for a challenge, and we've got the skill and experience to meet all demands.

Experienced, Professional Team

We've been providing pressure washing, soft washing, and exterior cleaning services for many years. Our team has tackled every kind of job, and we pride ourselves on our adaptability. We always work out a plan with our clients to ensure we can work at a time that's convenient for you.

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We know you don't want to wait around watching dirt and grime cake on your windows. We aim to provide service as fast as possible, and we can set up regular appointments to help you plan ahead!

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