Do you feel like your concrete surfaces are negatively impacting your property? If they haven’t been cleaned in some time, there’s a solid chance that they are. Pro Wash undoes the damage with our professional concrete cleaning solutions.

Concrete is a popular surface in residences for many reasons. However, when it begins accumulating excess amounts of unsightly dirt and debris, it can be harmful or even devastating to any space's aesthetic appeal and safety.

Concrete tends to be used in areas that can easily accumulate unsightly and hazardous buildup, which increases the importance of regular upkeep. Keeping your concrete looking its best year-round is easy with the help of Pro Wash’s professional, experienced team.

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What We Do

Discolored concrete is indisputably off-putting. Composed of sand, bits of gravel, and cement mix, concrete is a porous surface, and eventually, dirt and residue will collect in its tiny holes. Oil, bacteria, algae, mildew, and mold are other substances known to collect in the small indents.

Concrete can look weathered and dirty due to a few factors: grime, chewing gum, dirt, and vehicle leaks are some of the main contenders. We have professional-grade, top-caliber cleaning detergents that can break down and remove even the trickiest buildup. This, combined with our pressure washing equipment, restores your concrete to that “just poured” look.

We use pressure washing for your concrete cleaning needs for one simple reason: it’s the best. In the hands of professionals, power washing offers unparalleled results that lift stains and remove debris to make your concrete look new.

There’s no question allowing licensed and skilled professionals to execute this task for you is the way to go and will always pay off in the long run. Resist any urge to try handling it yourself. Don’t put yourself, others, or your home at risk by taking on a serious job like pressure washing that demands professional training.

We offer convenient and flexible scheduling, reliable and consistent communication, and uncompromising top-quality concrete cleaning services, all for consistently fair and transparent prices.

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Why Is a Professional Concrete Pressure Wash So Important?

Concrete is naturally exposed to unattractive and unsanitary materials with time and exposure. It can be a big challenge to tackle concrete pressure washing independently. Plus, it’s easy to cause accidental injury to yourself or others.

When homeowners try to handle the buildup of these materials themselves, they lack the required experience in order to safely and effectively control the intense pressure, and to thoroughly remove all the marks. This normally results in frustration at best or damage at worst.

The buildup can contribute to cracks when materials collect in the small indents. It also creates a slip-and-fall hazard where the hard surface is particularly conducive to injury. Clean concrete surfaces keep you and your visitors safe all year.

Professional pressure washing is a fast way to give your concrete back that like-new shine. Pressure washing helps protect surfaces with better resistance to the elements between regular cleanings. Pressure washing regularly is a great way to ensure restoration and damage prevention for concrete areas.

Few things will instantly spruce up an outdoor space as significantly as a pressure wash. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Pressure washing before

Specialized Tools

You need specialized equipment to get the job done right regarding house washing. That's where Pro Wash comes in. We've got the best tools and the most excellent methods, injection and blending capabilities, and low-pressure equipment specifically designed for this type of work.
Not to mention, our detergent is top-of-the-line and guaranteed to leave your home looking sparkling clean.

When the Cleaners Finish With Their Initial Work

After the cleaners finish their initial setup work, they will rinse the entire house with a low-pressure stream. It will thoroughly remove any mold, dirt, or debris that the detergents and cleaning solutions have mitigated.

Where We Work

Outdoor concrete is constantly enduring environmental exposure, so it’s bound to need a powerful wash regularly. Anywhere cars are parked, liquids are inevitably leaked. These stains aren’t just unattractive; they contain harsh chemicals which can harm the environment.

Let us take care of the controlled removal of all outdoor concrete stains with a professional pressure wash.

  • Driveway cleaning

  • Sidewalk cleaning

  • Parking lot cleaning

  • Drive-thru cleaning

  • Dumpster pad cleaning


A routine cleaning is healthy for every space, so outside areas are even more important. This is especially true for parking spots and driveways, which are heavily trafficked and prone to chemical-laden spills and leaks.

The impacts are multi-faceted when concrete collects excess oils and acidic liquids from vehicles. Avoid extra complications and hassles when you contact Pro Wash professional pressure washers for outdoor concrete cleaning services.

Sidewalks, patios, driveways, and more can all be easily and expertly maintained with our exceptional pressure cleaning services. Feel good about how great your outdoor concrete looks – sparkling like day one after we’ve sprayed it totally clean of all dirt and contaminants.

Better curb appeal and longer-lasting concrete is just a phone call away. Get your free estimate from Pro Wash to treat your home or business to cleaner concrete.

Why Choose Us

Our pressure washing equipment powerfully sprays off all unwanted debris with extreme force and effective detergent. We know exactly what to use and how to deliver the most amazing finished product with each and every pressure wash service.

We’re skilled professionals trained in properly operating powerful, top-of-the-line equipment to get stunning results. Concrete cleaning, upkeep, and maintenance are a breeze when you contact Pro Wash for regular, excellent services.

For heavy-duty jobs like pressure washing dirty outdoor concrete, it’s always wise to utilize the knowledgeable, dependable services of licensed, insured professionals. This ensures quality results while avoiding unnecessary risks.

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