For your guests, an unkempt hotel exterior is an exercise in buyer's remorse. If someone has booked a visit based on your website's gorgeous photos, and they turn up and find trash blowing about and graffiti on the wall… well, you'll know about it. You'll know by your guests' faces as they walk in and approach the front desk.

This doesn't look like what I paid for.

It stings. We know you take pride in your hospitality, and that all begins with first appearances. Our hotel pressure-washing team is here to ensure you never have to feel that sense of pain and wounded pride.

We're here to keep your hotel looking magazine-cover glamorous, up close and in person, all year round.

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Exterior Wall Washing

It all begins with the exterior walls. Over time, dirt, dust, and traffic fumes begin to stain your hotel's walls. Rain makes this residue run down the walls, and it creates ugly streaks.

And then there are the issues caused by passers-by. People stick chewing gum on walls or, even worse, spray graffiti. That's to say nothing of the “invisible” stains that people may leave. We won't say any more – but it's a great reason to have your walls pressure-washed regularly.

Intensive hotel pressure washing removes dirt, dust, grime, and all ugly stains from your hotel's walls. It blasts away nasty marks and unwanted problems like chewing gum with ease. It also eliminates unpleasant odors from your hotel's walls. This is especially important for inner-city hotels.

Our exterior wall hotel pressure-washing service is designed to work around your schedule. It's compassionate – we understand that your guests don't want to have their walls blasted early in the morning. That's why we'll liaise with you to find the perfect time for exterior wall washing. We work when it will create only minimal disturbance, and we can do a thorough job.

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Hotel Sidewalk Cleaning

Hotel sidewalk cleaning is just as important as the walls. Sidewalks accumulate stains from many sources, and how can you offer guests the red carpet treatment if the pathway to your front door is a mass of stains, smears, and litter?

A hotel's entrance also sees heavy footfall. Your guests might be returning from a day at the beach or other recreational activities that create dirty footwear. There's only so much you can do about this without upsetting people. What you can do instead is ensure that you regularly pressure wash the sidewalk outside your hotel to remove the problem!

Our hotel sidewalk cleaning team can transform your building's entrance and restore it to its former glory. We'll schedule service at the most convenient time for you and your guests, minimizing disruption by working at a quiet time when few guests need to leave via the front door.

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Pressure washing before

Hotel Parking Garage Cleaning

If your hotel offers on-site parking or a private parking garage, this is a second entrance to your building. Customers might arrive here before they get to the front door! That's why it's equally important to keep your parking garage sparkling clean.

Garages are often neglected – they're seen as an easy place to litter, and the overwhelming, stale smell of car fumes is ignored.

You can make your parking garage more pleasant than this. We can help.

We can transform your parking garage into a fantastic second entrance to your property. Surprise your guests and outstrip your competition by keeping this vital part of your business in top condition.

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Hotel Dumpster Pad Cleaning

No guest enjoys passing by a foul-smelling dumpster pad overflowing with kitchen waste dripping out of dumpsters onto broken dining room chairs. Hotel dumpster pad cleaning is the antidote.

While there's no way to make this area a “pleasant” place, you can ensure that any spillages are swiftly addressed with our hotel dumpster pad cleaning services. Our hotel pressure washing team will ensure that all waste at the base of the pad and on the dumpsters' exteriors is removed. This will prevent unwanted pests from showing up.

We can coordinate our visit with your waste removal day. Booking regular hotel dumpster pad cleaning visits means you can have your waste disposal area sparkling within hours of removal. This is the best time to work as we can clean with maximum efficiency.

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Comprehensive Cleaning

Let us know what you need – we can do it. We handle all hotel pressure washing needs, regardless of where the problem is. No job is beyond us. Whether it's a regular exterior wall cleaning, a hotel dumpster pad cleaning, or something specialized, we've got the experience and expertise for the job.

Our Schedule is Sensitive to Your Guests

We understand the needs of hoteliers. We also understand their guests' desire for peace and quiet. Hotel pressure washing isn't always quiet, and nobody wants high-powered water blasting against their bedroom wall at 8 AM.

That's why we tailor our services to your schedule. Let us know the best time to work, and we'll be there. We'll also give helpful, professional advice – this isn't our first time! We can help you find the best time for every pressure washing job in your business.

Cleaning the Exterior, Protecting the Interior

Jobs like hotel sidewalk cleaning require a deft touch, or they can backfire. We'll work at a time that minimizes disruption and perform full water recovery to ensure that guests with muddy shoes aren't walking through water and then traipsing it through your beautiful hotel interior.

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