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Maintaining your property and keeping your home's exterior looking its best can be difficult and complex. When it comes to soft washing, you want a company that focuses on quality over quantity.
At Pro Wash, we take a unique approach to each home we work with, ensuring we meet its individual needs. Doing so allows us to provide a higher level of value and worth for your investment. In the end, you'll have a home with more shine and curb appeal.

Avoid Pressure Washing Your Home: Soft Wash It Instead!

Soft washing is the best way to clean your house without harsh chemicals or high-pressure water.

Pressure Washing Is the Outdated Method

It may strip away paint from your home.

It damages your home's siding.

It destroys your home's delicate finish.

It leaves your home vulnerable to water damage.

The Future Is Soft Washing

It provides a much more thorough cleanse.

Sanitizes your home, eliminating any bacteria growth.

It protects your house from future damage and deterioration.

Beautifies your home, making it look its best.

Why Pressure Washers Are Inappropriate House Washing Tools

A pressure washer in the hands of a skilled operator can be a great tool. However, these washers can damage siding and erode mortar and brick when used on homes. The high-pressure stream can also force the water upwards, damaging the wood underneath the siding and shingles.
Pressure washers typically operate at around 4000 psi, which is much too high for washing a house. Not only can they damage your home, but they are also terrible for the environment. Pressure washers create noise pollution and use a lot of water and fossil fuels.

Why Soft-Wash Your House?

As a homeowner, you want to keep your property looking its best. Pro Wash's exclusive soft washing service is an excellent alternative to traditional pressure washing.

Pressure washing before

Specialized Tools

You need specialized equipment to get the job done right regarding house washing. That's where Pro Wash comes in. We've got the best tools and the most excellent methods, injection and blending capabilities, and low-pressure equipment specifically designed for this type of work.
Not to mention, our detergent is top-of-the-line and guaranteed to leave your home looking sparkling clean.

When the Cleaners Finish With Their Initial Work

After the cleaners finish their initial setup work, they will rinse the entire house with a low-pressure stream. It will thoroughly remove any mold, dirt, or debris that the detergents and cleaning solutions have mitigated.

Washing With Low-Pressure Initial Set up

Soft washing is a different process than power washing, which uses high-pressure water to clean surfaces. Instead, soft washing uses a low-pressure stream of water mixed with cleaners and detergents to gently remove dirt, grime, and organic growth from your home's exterior.

  • To protect your home and property during soft washing, our team will take a walk around the property to develop an action plan.

  • We'll wet down and cover any areas that need to get protected from the cleaners and detergents, and we'll mix the correct concentration of cleaners and detergents for the job.

  • Once we've applied the appropriate amount of detergent and solution to the areas that need it, we'll let it stay long enough to mitigate any organic growth and dirt.

  • Finally, if requested, we may apply specialized cleaners to the gutters to help remove unsightly tiger stripes — giving your home a finished look.

When the Rinse Is Done

Our crew will do a thorough walkaround to ensure that every nook and cranny gets cleaned after the rinse. We'll also do any touch-ups that may be necessary. When we finish, your home will look perfectly shining!

Our House Washing Services Include

We offer a full range of siding services. Our experienced technicians will make sure your home looks its best.

  • Columns

    Our highly trained technicians will ensure your columns are clean and debris-free. It will help keep your home looking its best.

  • Cleaning the gutter outside

    It is an essential part of your home's drainage system that tends to accumulate organic growth leading to black streaks. With our soft wash service, you can avoid the damage a high-pressure stream may cause.

  • Doors and windows:

    Windows are especially susceptible to attracting dirt and insects, so they should get washed regularly. We can help with this and help you increase your curb appeal.

  • Exterior ceilings:

    Outside ceilings, such as a porch, are often neglected and may turn off guests if they see them dirty.

  • Trim

    Decorative trim is the finishing touch on your home's exterior, so it must look its best at all times.

Understanding the Challenges You Face

Your home's exterior isn't just dirty. Microscopic growth may feed off the organic matter and stain your home. The cause of this growth is spores that travel through the air and land in your home.
The spores begin to grow and multiply, causing the discoloration you see on your home's exterior. The growth protects itself from UV exposure by producing a substance that is darker in color.
The growth continues to feed off the organic matter, and as it does, it goes through a life cycle that causes it to produce more spores. The wind then carries these spores away, only to land on another surface where they can continue their growth and decay cycle.
This problem is especially prevalent in Louisiana because we are a warm, moist region. Unfortunately, this type of environment is ideal for this type of growth, and that's why we see so much staining on homes in our area.

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