Why Choose Us

Our team comprises trained, experienced technicians who know how to handle your exterior cleaning needs. Gauging the appropriate pressure and safely controlling it to execute a complete, streak-free cleaning efficiently are all more complicated than they may seem and, as such, are best left to professionals.
It’s our mission to offer excellent services. We’re committed to transparent practices, so our customers’ expectations are always met and often exceeded. We’ve been perfecting our top-notch work for over a decade, so your pressure cleaning tasks could not be put into better hands.

Your Pressure Washing Experts

Homes are among our most significant investments in life, and keeping them well-maintained is non-negotiable in preserving not just their value and appeal but their overall functionality and security as well.
Our family-run, quality-focused integrity drives our dependable services. We’re proud to help homeowners in the greater Northshore region feel great about their homes. Our commitment to providing quality pressure washing services at fair prices is unwavering, and our high standards come through in the finished products every time.
It’s our mission to help Northshore area residents keep their homes sparkling clean on all sides, and it doesn’t stop there: we clean gutters, roofs, awnings, decks, patios, walkways, entries, fences, floors, driveways, and more! We know the proper technique to restore that awe-inducing shine to every surface while preserving and protecting all your home’s valued outer features.

Hassle-Free, Quality Services

Enhance the exterior of your home and preserve its value with professional pressure washing. We’ll provide a prompt and accurate estimate of what’s needed, then get the job done on a swift yet flexible timetable suited to your schedule. We pride ourselves on honest, clear communication and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Soft washing the outside of your home will give it back its “like new” glow.

Why Not to DIY

Why put yourself and others at risk when trained professionals are standing by to help? Don’t risk it by trying to DIY. Our pressure washing services are sure to save you money, hassle, and time, all while delivering unbeatable results.
The exterior of a house contains various materials, like steel, aluminum, vinyl, wood, paint, stone, brick, cement, ceramic, tiles, shingles, and more.
Never take the risk of damaging your beloved home’s important attributes by attempting to pressure wash these diverse surfaces yourself. Not only is doing so unlikely to succeed, but it could also end up causing damage or serious injury.

Pressure washing before

The Benefits of Pressure Washing

Keeping outdoor home surfaces clean year-round is essential to preventing the buildup of harmful substances. The unchecked growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew can cause paint and building damage. Virtually every surface needs a thorough deep clean now and then, and that’s extra true for outdoor areas that are constantly exposed to the elements.
A professional pressure wash is a fast way to remove unsightly stains and harmful buildup from the outside of a building. Soft washing is part of home upkeep that helps to avoid worsening problems over time. The likelihood of needing repairs is reduced when proper care is taken to keep the home’s exterior in good condition.

Homeowners can quickly and affordably enhance the appearance and integrity of their homes with regular professional pressure washing. You’ll feel proud as you beam at your gleaming outdoor spaces once they’ve been cleaned of all dirt and debris. The exterior of your home will shine, and so will you.

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Prioritizing the maintenance and cleanliness of outdoor spaces is paramount to keeping your home in the best shape possible, so it can continue to shelter you and your family for decades to come.
Protecting and cleaning your home is a must. Periodic removal of dirt, debris, residue, and other substances is vital to the longevity of any home. By opting to trust a licensed and insured pressure washing service like Pro Wash, you can maintain your home’s value and your family’s safety for fair prices and in a timely manner.
Best of all, our quality of work speaks for itself. Our ever-expanding collection of rave reviews is a testament to the skill and expertise of our team members.