Few features on a home's exterior stand out more than its windows. The glass panes that flood your home with natural light and let you admire the view without stepping outside are gleaming assets that should brighten and enhance your house's overall appearance.

However, their high-profile nature means that windows need consistent upkeep in order to keep looking their best. Weather, overhanging trees, soot, smog, and smoke can all leave their marks on the glass. These unsightly smudges can act as a deterrent to potential buyers and lower the overall quality of life within your home by blocking the sunlight.

Pro Wash offers efficient and highly effective window washing services for homeowners in the Northshore area. With over a decade of experience, our company has the tools and the skills to bring sparkle and shine back to your windows at minimal inconvenience to you. We use powerful yet gentle soft washing techniques and chemicals to enhance your home's curb appeal and remove the burden of window washing from your shoulders.

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Our Residential Window Washing Service


Living in Louisiana means near-constant exposure to conditions that can fog up and degrade your windows, from summer storms to pollen-bearing trees. Even those irreplaceable barbecues and nights around the fire pit can encrust your windows with soot and ash.

Cleaning your own windows is a monumental task, particularly if your home has multiple stories. It can also be dangerous, especially if you need to climb a ladder or walk across your roof to reach a skylight. Falling is one of the leading causes of injury associated with DIY home repair, and you also risk damaging your windows and roof if you aren't trained in professional cleaning techniques.

Rather than take on that burden yourself, contact Pro Wash for expert residential window washing services. Our team will be in and out in no time while ensuring every one of your windows receives a thorough cleaning. You won't believe the difference professional window washing makes to your home's appearance, as well as its indoor lighting.

Benefits of Professional Window Washing

Professional glass cleaning from Pro Wash brings light and beauty to your property. Our expert touch and top-quality cleaning products are safe for your home, and our years of experience and dedication to customer service means guaranteed satisfaction every time.

Here are just a few of the benefits of booking Pro Wash to clean your home's windows and skylights.

Preventative Maintenance

Dirt and grime that builds up on your windows over time can become wedged into the cracks, damaging your sealant over time and increasing the risk of water encroaching into your home. Soot build-up also obscures the glass and decreases the likelihood that you'll notice a small problem before it blossoms into a much more serious issue.

Regular window washing from Pro Wash constitutes a form of preventative maintenance for your home's windows. Our safe and efficient techniques will clear away obstructions, allowing your window system to function properly and calling attention to any potential issues with the glass or sealant so they can be addressed promptly.

Pressure washing
Pressure washing

Improves Energy Efficiency

As dirt works its way through cracks around your window, your home will become exposed to the elements, impairing your heating and cooling system's functionality and forcing it to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Your energy bills will go up as a result.

If the dirt and grime are allowed to linger, they can create enough of a gap for water to seep through, leading to larger leaks that impinge even further on your HVAC's ability to function.

Booking a window cleaning from Pro Wash ensures your window systems remain tightly sealed and fully functional. Our window washing process also removes dirt that can block the sun's rays, allowing you to take advantage of a natural heating source rather than relying solely on your HVAC system to warm your home.

Better First Impressions

If your house's windows are dirty, cloudy, or covered in smudges, your guests will likely notice right away…and their opinion of your home and its cleanliness may slip a notch or two. Having grimy windows is especially detrimental if you're interested in selling your property. Buyers who are met with dirty windows may assume other areas of the house are equally as ill-kept and are more likely to walk away or demand a lower price.

Our residential window washing service boosts your property's curb appeal and contributes astronomically to the external beauty of your house, creating a living space you'll be proud to come home to and share with others.

Concrete Cleaning | Pro Wash Pressure Washing

Allows More Natural Light

Nothing brings warmth and charm to a room like a flood of sunlight. Conversely, few things make a living space feel more dreary or less welcoming than dingy windows that block sunlight.

With our expert cleaning techniques, you'll be able to take full advantage of the sun's warmth and illumination. You may even notice a downtick in your electricity bill thanks to the sunlight flooding through your sparkling windows.

Safe Techniques and Products

Modern glass windows are built to last; however, they can still be vulnerable to damage. Inexperienced hands and improper cleaning techniques can end up doing more harm than good. Additionally, many lower-quality glass cleaning products carry harmful chemicals that could be detrimental to your health and your property's landscaping.

Booking your window washing with Pro Wash guarantees impeccable service by trained experts. We use the best eco-friendly products from top manufacturers to ensure your windows are thoroughly cleaned at no risk to your property, family, or pets.

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Don't let dirty windows stand between you and the total enjoyment of your home and property. Pro Wash has the tools, skills, and knowledge to bring light into your life through gleaming, sparkling windows.

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